America keeps voting for non Military intervention and keeps getting shafted.

The deep-state is alive and well if it is the cause of endless wars. George Bush ran on an anti- interventionist foreign policy and won based off that message. After being attacked by a small group on 9/11 he waged war on a mission to find weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s). With a goal to destroy them because America isn't safe as long as these weapons are in the hands of our enemies. Although not largely reported, the only WMD’s found were the ones the U.S. government actually gifted to other countries decades ago.  Due to this, the mission keeps changing as an excuse to keep our military presence alive overseas. By the time Bush left office, the U.S. had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, he was largely regarded as one of the worst presidents of all-time.
When Obama was elected for president he ran on a platform of peace and change, promising to end the war on Iraq. Instead, he got the U.S. involved in 6 more wars oversees. This, sadly, continued the return of our military men and women in body bags. 
Donald Trump ran on an anti-interventionist foreign policy. He constantly states that the U.S. should not be involved in endless-wars and how the U.S. should not be the policemen of the world. Nevertheless, any effort made by any administration to end our intervention overseas is met with attacks from the media and politicians. Many of which are in the pocket of the Military-industrial complex.


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