Adam Kokesh and the end of the Federal Government

When you think of being free from oppression you must recognize the Federal government's role in oppression. The Federal Government assumes ownership of every individual in each State of our nation. No state can protect you from the intrusion of Federal policy. this sends a chill down the spine of every individual with a solid understanding of U.S history. People sometimes lie to each other, steal from each other, hurt one another or kill another person. People for the most part treat others as they wish to be treated (the golden rule). For the Most part people exchange with one another without the need of a third party to regulate the fairness of those exchanges. The Federal Government gets in the way of these natural exchanges with violence.

Evade paying your federal taxes? They will throw you in jail and if you resist they will kill you. Want to smoke or sell some marijuana? You will go to jail or be killed if you resist. The list goes on and on. They operate under the opsice of keeping people safe from one another but normally hurt or kill people that are voluntarily exchanging with one another.

Abolishing this violent agency should be the top priority for people that wish for a conservative government. Abolishing the Federal Government should also be the top priority for people that wish to be liberated from oppression. Sadly this is not the case. Don't lose hope because Adam Kokesh is deciding to make the Abolishment of the Federal Government as part of his platform for his presidential run. is where you can visit to support him. And go to for your Adam Kokesh Freedom Shirt!


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