Can you become addicted to Marijuana?

People who smoke and even most people whom dont smoke often say things along the lines of "you can't get physically addicted to marijuana". This is what people believe. They believe it's harmless and that it can never harm anyone. Most of that is true but you must tread carefully. You can indeed become addicted and dependent on weed. When you smoke weed it releases chemicals in your brain that make you happy. However without smoking weed your brain produces these chemicals on it's own. If you start to smoke weed every day, multiple times a day your brain may realize that it does not need to produce those chemicals becuase the weed is creating a burst of these chemicals in your brain via your cannabinoid receptors.

My own personal experience.
When I turned 18 and went to college I began smoking weed and it wasn't long before I started to smoke every day, multiple times a day. I did that for years and years until the age of 25 when I went one weekend without smoking. I had real bad anxiety and panic attacks. I couldnt eat and could barely control my thoughts. I felt powerless especially because I went to the emergency room 3 times and each time they told me I was fine. The last time I went they prescribed me some anti anxiety medication based on my description of what i was feeling. I never took those pills because the idea of popping a pill made my anxiety worse. The only thing that would calm me down was sleeping but it was so hard to go to sleep and once I woke up it wasn't long before I lost control of my thoughts and felt terrible. I had terrible stomach pains and had to force myself to eat. I began excsersing and that would help me. Singing and talking to people about how I was feeling would also help me. Praying and going to church played a role in my recovery. At first I didnt know it was from not smoking because like most people I thought weed was harmless. Everything- even weed should be taken in moderation. It was about a month and a half before I started feeling normal every day. I did some research and according to some studies about 40% of marijuana users will experience withdrawals as I did. What has been your experience with heavy use of cannabis? I hope this helps someone gain freedom from being dependent on a substance to feel normal. The war on drugs have failed and all drugs should he legal so we can learn from them to help society. 


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